Affiliated Companies

AlJaber Group has entered into various strategic partnerships to ensure appropriate and expert services and solutions available in Qatar. The following are the major affiliated companies AlJaber Engineering is associated with.

ZAD Catering Services

ZAD Catering Services based in Doha, stands tall among contract catering companies of Qatar. As one of the leading catering and related support services companies in the country it maintains a solid forward- thinking approach by investing heavily in unique assets which supports its pioneering vision. Supporting different business industries. We offer various catering packages depending on the needs of our clients. Our diligence in upholding quality and attention to hygiene has rendered us ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) certification. ZAD Catering Services is inevitably making its way towards being the most sought out, high-end food services provider in the country.

Whether you need a single shift, single ethnicity solution for 100 persons staff or a multi shift multiple ethnicity solution for a team of 2000 or more, ZAD will design the menu and serve you with taste, quality, hygiene and your budget requirements.

Bulk catering has always been of critical importance for the companies to function smoothly and achieve maximum productivity from its manpower. As a Market leader in bulk catering services, ZAD catering specializes in providing multi ethnicity nutritional food prepared in state of the art ZAD kitchens with highest quality standards and best hygiene practices followed by food industry. Be it senior staff accommodation in any location within Doha or construction workers camp in remote Al Ruwais, ZAD serves each nook and corner of the country with same efficiency and freshness. ZAD very will understands health and wellness needs of workers in this part of the world where they work and live in extreme weather conditions, keeping in mind this our food experts design and serve highly nutritious ethnic food for multi-national work forces to keep them fit and healthy so that they can live a healthy life and be most productive.

By choosing ZAD our clients can be assured of BEST FOOD in MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES.


ZAD Catering Services
P.O. Box: 37986
Tel: +974 4465 9432
Fax: +974 4471 9184