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CP12-E Additional Dredging of Southern Marina Channel

Location: Lusail
Client:  Lusail Real Estate Development Co. W.L.L
Value (USD): 33,500,000
Completion: October, 2015


Project Description:

The Scope of Works consists of deepening the Southern Marina (By Dredging) from -3.00 ONHD to -4.50 QNHD as well as dredging additional isolated areas, including deepening of the Central Lagoon entrance.


The major work elements are:

Dredging operation – average Dredging productivity 60,000 m3/Day.

Transportation of dredged material to a multi-cell Spoil Pit.

Pumping of sea water from the Spoil Pit to the existing sedimentation ponds 1 & 2

Removal of the wet silty material from the spoil pit to the “Drying multi-cell pit” for Drying process

Finally, transportation of the dried material off site to approved municipality disposal site.